What I do

The focus of my counselling will always be centred on you as a person and entrepreneur. I will take care of your legal matters, especially in, but not limited to the following areas:


Commercial law

Commerce is driven by ideas, which inspire and need to be realised whenever they manage to touch our emotions and needs. I support you when

  • you want to realise your ideas: starting from investigating their legal feasibility, gaining clearance regarding regulatory matters to selling your business or acquiring another one (Merger & Acquisitions).
  • you feel restrained by business ideas of third parties: e.g. as a competitor, inventor or neighbour.
  • your ideas are supposed to overcome business frontiers: I support you in surpassing boundaries, specifically regarding innovations, languages or cultures.

Civil law

We live and act in our respective societies, which change as constantly as we do. I assist you when

  • you are striving for a change or want to head into new directions – from changing your business strategy to changing your place of work, from reconsidering your financing to fixing your last will.
  • when your social experience is impaired – e.g. by financial claims or statutory fines.

Telecommunication law and Information Technology

Whenever you plan to effectively steer these technologies and to manage their ramifications, I can facilitate you with

  • the legal planning of your IT-projects from inception to sales and distribution.
  • advice on necessary regulatory and compliance matters, from registration with authorities to roaming regulations (e.g. with data protection authorities, GSM-Association).
  • tailor-made software-license-agreements, supplier contracts or service level agreements.

Labour law and HR Management

Vision, communication and empathy are the key factors for cooperation and motivation within teams. When such cooperation requires for counselling, new stimulus or has reached its limitations, I provide assistance

  • based on my longstanding experience as head of HR solving and developing strategic and operational HR-matters.
  • with regards to all questions relating to leadership of teams and organisations.
  • as a lawyer with a broad experience in diverse labour law issues.


Globalisation starts next door, international cooperation is vital for success. Once you want to grasp the chances of internationalisation, I

  • lead you through the diversity of multinational collaboration through my language skills and cross-border experience.
  • review and shape your international contracts and legal documents.
  • can help by utilising my network of international experts.